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Doria Cordova

Discover the Direct Ways to Access Cash as well as the Indirect Ways to Attract Wealth in this Course

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Direct examples...

Direct examples of cash-money are dollars, bills or coins. This is pretty well-known in the world.
The people that focus on this have a good chance at having some money in their lives.

Slightly indirect examples...

Slightly indirect examples of cash-money (that could be just as valuable if not more valuable) are precious metals, rare stones, stock certificates, bonds, deeds, titles, Bitcoin, or Crypto currency. This is also somewhat known but not entirely understood.
The people that focus on this have a chance to retire or maybe even be rich.

Indirect examples...

Indirect examples of cash-money are education, experts, fans, network, and a team. This is uncommon wisdom and almost entirely misunderstood worldwide.
The people that focus on this have the greatest chance to be more than rich but to be truly prosperous and wealthy to the point that they can actually leave a lucrative legacy.

“So many people are limiting themselves to just settling for direct cash-money activities that they are not seeing the more effective wealth building opportunities.”

– Doria Cordova

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MONEY & YOU® – Access To Cash Certificate Course

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This is our Premium Entrepreneurial Online Course with teachings from Money & You, our Excellerated Business School and other Excellerated teachings.

10 Module Certificate Course with Life-Changing Exercises and Information that will Change the Future of Your Money Consciousness.

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Magical Exercises – Chapter 7 of Access to Cash eBook.

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Access to Cash eBook.

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MP3 Audio Files for the entire course, so you can repeat it anytime.

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Support from Dame Doria Cordova and others in Private Facebook Group

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20-Page Report: the Personal Productivity System – How to organize your desk and office for maximum efficiency.

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5-Page Report: DISCovering the Greatness of You and Your Team Members.

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4-Page Report: 7 Ways to Get Out of Debt.

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8-Page Report: Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Affirmations.

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Money & You® – Rules of the Game.

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Report: Integrity Checklist.

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Jack Canfield, Author of “The Success Principles”

Mark Victor Hansen, Author and Speaker

Loving it! Thank you, Doria (DC) for sharing such gems. Most of all reading the book is like having a conversation with you. I’m blessed to have gone through the money clearing exercises LIVE with you. It’s a great refresher to do the exercises again and clear whatever money blocks that limit ‘Access to Cash’!
Jacy Wee
I was effectively going broke but struggling to see a way through it… Since the moment I walked out those doors on that Sunday night some 31 years ago, I turned the business around. Each year I have delivered a better result than previous … we’re now doing over $300 million with 1,000’s of employees … and growing.
Dominique Lyone
I was making $200 per week as a waiter when I first attended the Money & You program. Within 2 years, I started my first business in the timber industry. In the next three years this scaled up to $24 million of annual revenues. I then exited that industry to spend more time on passion projects which created a new business. I now own two highly-leveraged businesses employing 50 individuals and turning over 30 million a year in revenues.
Andrew Barron
Doria DC Cordova has devoted her life to creating a world that works for everyone. This overview of the principles, strategies and methods of Money & You, the workshop is a must read. I first took the course in 1982 and used the distinctions I learned there to take the Total Learning Environments I was leading from successful to extraordinary, expanding from individual units within a larger institution to five total institutions with a capacity for 1,500 participants in each 6-month phase. By the time I retired from the system, the TLE had saved the State more than $1.37 Billion. M&Y is a powerful program, producing consistent results for more than 36 years. It is relevant to any business or organization.
Doc Shock
Reading your book is as straightforward and wonderful as talking with you. You have spent most of your life sharing Werner Erhard’s and Bucky Fuller’s premise of a life and world that works for everyone. I have been humbled and expanded as I continue to be challenged to grow my awareness of this remarkable world; it’s extraordinary and ordinary people and the infinite wisdom that is everywhere. Thank you, Dear Heart…
Nanci Hartland

Frequently Asked Questions

If you apply the tools, techniques and systems that are taught, you will see tremendous improvement in your profits and productivity. The teachings of how to spend more time on income-generating activities and leverage alone will make a huge difference.
Doria Cordova is already successful… her financial success is not dependent on the sales of this course. Plus, we have provided the training in a way that it is financially feasible for us to host online – and most importantly, our organization is even more passionate about the world having more wealthy servant leaders than just having higher profit margins.
Though the contents of the course are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners to increase their profits and productivity, in our experience when employees attend our programs, they become very valuable employees and have created profit-sharing opportunities with the business owners for whom they work. Plus, it does give employment-minded individuals to get a sense of what it takes to create an entrepreneurial (or non-profit) organization – and can make a clearer and easier choice if to move into business for themselves.

You may have heard of the famous graduates of the Money & You and other Excellerated programs which are owned by Doria Cordova, but you have not heard of the “power behind the power”… This is taught by the person who created the “strings” and the teams that are “pulling the strings” to create successful organizations. Over four decades of experience is shared in an entertaining and “mom-style” so that it’s easy to understand and apply.

This is a stand-alone program. You will not need to purchase additional programs / products / services from us. Doria does recommend certain tools that are provided by some of the experts, masters who teach at her Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs – and you can succeed with the information / models that are shared in the course. “Continuous improvement” is part of the DNA of successful entrepreneurs, thus, you will want to continue educating yourself – and this is a stand-alone course.

Most people can consume the content and finish the training in a couple days or a weekend. It’s six-plus hours of materials that need to be experienced in order to implement the wisdom in your everyday life. Doing the bonus sessions that are included in the course will take additional hours. And again, if you are not yet committed to “continuous improvement” in your life (for both business and personal positive results), this course may get you to commit to continue your education at every level. As one of our Money & You instructor, Kerry Zurier, likes to say, “human beings are not like Thanksgiving turkeys – that you can stick a thermometer to see when done…”

Although industries and economies change or evolve, there are some principles, systems and distinctions that will always stand the test of time. The materials clearly provide examples and case studies that are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago – and can be applied in many different countries, markets and industries.

In the four decades of providing trainings, we have never had anyone say that that principles and laws that we teach are common knowledge in the world of entrepreneurship or that they have already received all of this training elsewhere… Very successful graduates of our Excellerated programs (and have applied these tools in their lives), greatly appreciate having this short course available for their teams.

BTW, If you already know and have successfully applied to your business and personal life these teachings, we want to get to know you! You should consider joining our Global Instructors’ Training Program and teach with us.

You will have access to members of the Access to Cash Facebook community – and you will also be invited to other Excellerated FB groups where you can interact with others who have taken the course – have read the book – have done Excellerated programs. You will be part of our successful global network of entrepreneurs who can support you with answers to business questions that may arise from applying the principles. The Excellerated network is very supportive. You will find that being part of this community might have everything you need to succeed!

Dear Reader,

Thank you for spending the time to learn about this online course. One of the masters / experts that our work is based on is Edwards Deming, the productivity genius who transformed and made famous quality products made in Japan. His key teaching: “continuous improvement”.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner (big or small), run a foundation / non-profit, a student getting ready to decide on your future, or an employee that is looking at the possibility of building your own business – this course will support you in seeing what it takes to go through a Business Success Model, which has been used for over 40 years by millions around the world to create profitable businesses which add value to humanity.

You can expect to get profitable / productivity systems, tools, distinctions and information that Doria Cordova has learned and applied in building her organizations for the past four decades, which expand worldwide and have produced over 165,000 graduates from over 85 countries.

If you apply these systems / tools in your organization (for-profit or non-), you will experience profitable growth, productivity, collaboration and well-running teams which result in peace of mind.

This course is presented in an informal, simple and conversation-style. Be sure to not let the simplicity of these tools fool you into believing that they are for building small businesses only – empires have been built based on these teachings. Once you learn the “patterns of thinking”, you will start seeing them everywhere…

We look forward to getting to know you – and to interact with you in one of our global online events where you can meet many of the successful Social Entrepreneurs that are part of our global network.

Aloha Nui Loa,

Dame Doria Cordova
CEO/Owner, Excellerated Business Schools / Money & You


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